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Waiver Assistance


Make sure you select Register Team/Sign Waiver when you are on the registration page for the event you are attending.

Are you receiving a rejection error? It's likely you've completed the waiver already!
Select "Dashboard" to view your completed waivers/registrations. You will see the completed registration under My Child's Activities!

Did you complete the waiver for your child, but the wrong team was selected? Email us!
Please email us with your child's name, what team they currently on, and what team they should be on!

Directors, coaches, and team parents, are you looking to view completed waivers? Follow the steps below.
Go to your dashboard, select the NAME of the team, and select ROSTER. This will provide you a list of players who have COMPLETED the waiver. Not seeing someone's name? They either haven't completed the waiver yet or selected the wrong

If you have any troubles with completing the waiver, please email your name, your child's name, event name, and email address to our Registration Team at

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